Shooting the Brownian Flokids::1

Today was the first day of our second production; a two day shoot with Brownian Flokid for their (brand new) track, ‘Anyway’. Lee-Gavin Williams, Evan Zerf and Jovan Fourie comprise this three-piece from Firgrove, on the outskirts of Somerset West. After three increasingly-thorough planning meetings in the week leading up to the shoot (the last one including a recce of most of the locations – see the previous post), we had a pretty clear idea about where we were going and what we were doing; the guys had organised most of the shoot down to the letter. We set off from Woodstock at about 9am, arriving at our first location at around 10am – a derelict building on the way to Somerset West, which represented the starting point of a story about progression, which will be used to hold the video together.

Derelict - est shot 3.Still001

At the location, we were joined by Wayne Hipe Robertson from Hiperdelic records (producer of Mingus’ track ‘Stay’, which launched the Cinehack: Cape Town project in Amsterdam back in December!) This location also gave us our first opportunity to road test the Cinehack Dolly rig, which we had built and tested the previous day.

doly2 dolly3

After a two-hour shoot here, during which Evan, Jovan and Hipe took care of the majority of the visuals, we packed up and headed for location 2 – Firgrove – for three scenes, a short sequence in the local shop, a walking backie shot (shot from the back of a huge car with an impressively loud sound system) and a group shot against one of the walls in town that would be recognisable to Firgrovians as a popular meeting point.


After that, it was off to key location 2: The Tunnel! This was an amazing location, not least because it gave us a chance to mod our Dolly rig and make use of some existing urban infrastructure to get the shots we wanted.


Several hours after we began, it was high time for a break. In the evening, we picked up the shoot in a Somerset West club. Lee-Gavin had been given a 20 minute slot to perform on-stage; footage of which would be appearing in the video. At about midnight, the word ‘wrap’ was a long time coming! We all agreed that the next day (a Sunday after all) would be a little less intense…

Club - Lee on stage OTS.Still001

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