Cinehack on air – and lots more!

It’s been a productive week! After finishing the Archetypes’ shoot, we’ve been busy preparing for a 2-day shoot with Brownian_Flokid (BFK) for their brand new track, ‘Anyway’ – which starts tomorrow! We’ve had several meetings with Lee-Gavin (MC), Jovan (Beats) and Evan (Producer) over the last few days, preparing for the shoot and conjuring up some exciting new Cinehacks together, including using abandoned railway lines as dolly tracks! It’s an exciting moment for us; BFK’s energy and enthusiasm for the project has been contagious and they’ve come up with loads of ideas for locations and shots for the video: we’re looking forward to helping them realise their (ambitious!) plans over the next couple of days!



In the meantime, we’ve also had a productive meeting (and some delicious ostrich burgers!) with Lee-Ursus Alexander, and set a date for next Wednesday to start shooting another video with him in Paarl. Lee also invited us to join him on his radio show, “Paid Dues” on Assembly Radio. Talking to Lee about the project on-air was a great opportunity to share the project with a broader audience and spread the news; we’ll have a link to the audio up as soon as it’s online! The Assembly (the club where the radio station is based) is also looking like a possible venue for the Cinehack showcase event, which we’ve penciled-in for the 10th Feb…


Finally, Lolo from the Archetypes invited us to join him for the afternoon at Cape Town TV, a community broadcast TV channel based in the Observatory district, where he currently works. We met several of his colleagues there and we’ve been invited to shoot an interview with them before we leave; we’re hoping this might also be a good distribution channel for both the artists’ music videos and our own documentary project, which will tell the full story of the work we’re doing here. More about this to come also!


So it’s an exciting time; we’re right in the middle of it here – Fresh from a short trip to Franschhoek this afternoon, we’re planning on spending the rest of the day Cinehacking… what else?!

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Until next time…

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