Cinehack: Cape Town promo video

Reflecting on everything we’ve been up to since we arrived here in the breathtaking ‘Mother City’, it’s hard to believe we’ve only been here for a week (give or take a few hours at time of writing). One music video in the can (“Black or White” by the Archetypes – to be released soon!) and another two in the pipeline… as well as an exciting opportunity to work with Cape Town TV – it’s been quite a week! We’re really grateful to everyone for giving us such a warm welcome (very warm: 36° in fact!). We’re really looking forward to the next phase, which will kick off on Wednesday with a third meeting with Lee-Gavin, Jovan and Evan from Brownian_Flokid where the Cinehacking looks set to ramp up a notch!

For our friends and fellow Cinehackers elsewhere in the world, we’ve put together a short showreel with some of the rushes we’ve shot over the last week – just a snapshot of what we’ve been up to and a flavour of what’s to come really. In it, you’ll see a bit of us, a lot of the Archetypes, a flying robot and some bits and pieces we’ve filmed from moving vehicles along the way! We hope you enjoy it and come back for more soon!

In terms of the research we’re conducting, we’ve all been keeping detailed diaries of what we’ve been up to and taking time to carefully consider the points of interest that have arisen relating to the Cinehack mission.. As a team of three, we’re all coming at the project from slightly different angles, but there’s a good spirit of collaboration here and nobody’s killed anyone (yet!). Suffice to say, the Cinehacking hasn’t always been smooth sailing, so there’s lots to chew on, but the main thing that’s emerging from what we’re doing is a real hunger in Cape Town for the kind of DIY approach we’re here to facilitate – so lots of food for thought. One too many food analogies there – I must be getting hungry!


Before we sign off, a short coda: we’ve discovered an unexpected – and potentially quite revealing – trend for home (music production) studios here; from shacks to living rooms, bedrooms, cupboards.. There might be something in the music scene here that we could think about as a kind-of musical parallel to Cinehack – something we might stand to learn a lot from.. Audio is so often forgotten about, with visually-dominant filmmakers sometimes being the worst culprits! Musicians and consumers of music are also so often ahead-of-the-curve when it comes to DIY/counter-cultural approaches to matters of making and taking, so we’re keeping notes and taking names!

PS – daily updates from now on – stay tuned!

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