Shooting the Archetypes::4 – It’s a (w)rap!


After a couple of days offline (our internet failed for the 2nd time in 6 days!), we’re back in the land of the connected with good news – the video shoot for Archetypes’ Black or White wrapped yesterday! After a slightly stuttery start to our final shoot; various hiccups including lock-outs, missing brothers and some last-minute-changes-of-plan, we finally wrapped the shoot at Tigers, a grillhouse in Gugulethu, where we happily chowed-down the props afterards (see below). Gary’s second foray into music video cameos saw him acquire a role as an honorary fourth archetype (video coming soon).



Possibly even more exciting, and also in the good news category: we had a very positive initial meeting with Brownian Flokid and his crew from Somerset West, who we’re seeing again on Monday to get the ball rolling on plans to Cinehack their (and our) next video. More to come…

One raucous wrap-party later, we’re now taking a day to do some sightseeing, rest up, write up our notes and drink a medium-sized glass of one of South African’s famously drinkable beverages, before hitting the South Africa vs Nigeria match at Greenpoint tonight. Vuvuzelas at the ready!

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