Shooting the Archetypes::2


The Archetypes wanted to shoot a video for their track Black or White, a jazzy laid-back track with vocals in English and Isixhosa, on which Lolo, Sole and T.O.P all rap solo, coming together on the chorus.

Each of the emcees had a clear idea of what and where they wanted to shoot, and worked out a treatment where 3 different locations would be woven into one. Their plans were detailed: Sole wanted to shoot at a railway bridge: a location he’d had in mind for years. T.O.P would kick off the track from our own HQ: our house in woodstock. Lolo would shoot the two sequences, one at the beach at Camps Bay and one at Langa township where he’d recruit kids to cameo in the video. The crew was keen to keep the video simple and uncluttered, although a few tricks and effects were suggested: Sole wanted jump-cuts as he walked up the bridge, while Lolo had a plan that involved rapping into the drone camera and then throwing it up into the air: a sort of crane shot on steroids.


In each sequence the emcee set the score, decided locations, angles and action. The cinehack crew shot the action and handed out kit.


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